50 Years of Firmness Assist by ASEAN: Penny Wong

On the 50 years of ASEAN- Penny Wong will convey a verbal expression on Wednesday to the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies.

She will say, “The region has enjoyed remarkable stability for the past half century, and while economic co-operation remains a work in progress, considerable progress has been made in combating transnational crime, counter-terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering.”

She will defend regarding the remarkable achievement in building the regional and global factor in the political and judicious domain for the South East Asian Nations.

Wong says, “Those who have acquire a measure of impatience with ASEAN, for its avoidance of disagreement, have something of a point.

“While tension may be kept under the carpet, as they were in 1967, they still need to be dealt with, as they also were in 1967.”

To involve great powers like US and China in neutral territory- tactful podium is been formed. This diplomatic stage has been stack up by Federal Labor on a club of Southeast Asian nations.

She also says, “For ASEAN to grow and prosper over the next 50 years, it will need to address some major obstacles to economic growth and economic integration.”

In following year in the month of March there will be special summit in which Australia will bring the Asean leading light in the state capital of New South Wales and most famous city in the Australia—Sydney.

In the speech of Myanmar by the Penny Wong she will display regarding the 50 years of the ten associate of South East Asian Nations.

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