Strategically Asean Experts Finds Idea to Move Forward

Frequent leadership change led to Asian countries not to believe in unofficial talks with each other. It has been observed by Philip Jusario Vermonte that the entire new crop for the ASEAN leader is brand new.

He said, “Any problem that occurred, they just made a personal phone call and that was it.” Also added, “They did not pursue but the issues were still not solved constitutionally.”

According to him there should be specific problem solving technique to make work things in rapid speed.
In the world Peace forum, Vermonte expressed views of others. He also said, “ASEAN sees China as an opportunity for development but it is cautious on how to react to the dispute.”

In the different panel, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon told that to reduce the hindrance between the China and Asean it is necessary to improve the sectors like cultural, marine life research, besides that also need to improve the education and tourism sector.

He said, “Compared to the funds used in constructing infrastructure, the most to be spent in these sector is very small but it can bring huge impact.”

Dr Koh said, “The influx of Chinese house buyers can cause property prices to go beyond their affordable range.
He also said about the investors, who brings their worker with them and can also lead to a feeling of less privilege for the jobs.

In the Forum they were concerned and focused to look into the issues like globalization, nuclear threats and also to obtain the peace in the Middle East.

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