50th ASEAN Day 2017

Association of South East Asian Nation founded in 1967 developed to be a community. The 50th founding day is the occasion for celebration.

The political and economic union of countries is ASEAN, started with only five members. The members: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Now it has ten members which includes Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The ASEAN focused on the economic growth and consensus building. World seventh largest market and third largest labor force – ASEAN, considered being the fourth largest economic association at the end of the year 2030.
Six priorities of ASEAN 2017 have been highlighted by the president. The priorities are: placing the people at the core, working for the regional stability, chase for security and cooperation, include advance, reorganization for the growth, and build up ASEAN flexibility as a global player.

For ASEAN organization and its members this year is considered to be the vital year. The things that the association needs to do: firstly need to check cooperation and support for all the member states, secondly needs to finds that all the members are really walking for the mass of meeting and conference third to check the strength especially at the time of peace and security and fourth one is to know whether ASEAN region is (cultural, social, economical and environmental) improving or deteriorating.

ASEAN group has established the ASEAN Economic Community last year to create a single market and production base, making possible for economic, political, social and cultural cooperation.

ASEAN contributed last 50 years; we look forward with eagerness towards the future for more real change.