Bali’s Denpasar airport closed due to volcano

Volcano at Mount Raung in East Java belching ash into the atmosphere forced authorities in Indonesia to close down Bali’s Denpasar and other three airports of Jember, Lombok and Banyuwangi in the region. It is expected that closure will last till late night today. The authorities says they are continuously monitoring the situation.

The airport closure due to volcanic activity has left thousands of tourists stuck at Bali and around. A lot of families who had travel in mind due to ongoing Eid holidays are the worst hit due to this sudden volcanic eruption as majority of them being Muslims travel during this period of festivities to be with their families and friends.

The authorities and the airlines have established special information counters for the stranded travellers.
It is expected that airlines may announce rescheduling of air tickets without any charges for the affected passengers.
This Indonesian Volcanic eruption reminds the crisis and massive disruption to air travel that was triggered by the volcano over Iceland in 2010.