A visit to Thailand is mandatory to satisfy your exploring zeal!!

Affable and frivolous, striking and sultry, historic and cultured, Thailand emits a golden radiance from its glitzy temples and tropical beaches to the ever soothing Thai smile. Adored all around the world for its generous, welcoming, relaxed and refreshing culture, Thailand is the most visited places every year. Thailand had recently won the “Best Asia-Pacific Destination Award” and the runner-up title for “Best Worldwide Sun Destination Award” at the Irish Trade Award 2014 held on November, 28th in Dublin. Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, the Governor of TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) declared that it was undoubtedly a great honor to achieve this position. These awards join with other numerous awards and accolades for world-class tourist destination and impeccable tourism services, strengthen an upbeat icon of the countries worldwide.

Thailand NewsEmbellished with the longest coastline and jungle-topped islands secured in sapphire waters, Thailand is indeed a tropical getaway for everyone exhausted from daily routine. This paradise serves an assorted menu from which you can select as per your choice: enjoy night party with your friends and family on the beautiful beaches and feel warm and smooth sand between your toes. If you are an adventurous person, then you can dive with white sharks, scaling the sea cliffs, anything to make your vacation fun-filled and enjoyable.

You can find rural heartland, a blend of tropical forests, rice paddies, and squat villages all tied in an agricultural clock in between the cluttered towns and cities. Towards the north, the fields and forests are raised against toothy Blue Mountains festooned with silvery waterfalls, whereas, in the south, grand limestone cliffs protrude of the refined landscape like prehistoric skyscrapers. The usual parched northeast reflects an emerald green tinge during the rainy season when gentle green rice shoots garnish the landscape.

A visit to Thailand is not confined to going different places; it also gives you an opportunity to satiate your spiritual needs. The extraterrestrial world has a close affiliation with this Buddhist nation, and spiritual fidelity is vibrant and omnipresent. Lustrous temples and golden idols of Lord Buddha outline both the pastoral and contemporary landscape. Ancient Banyan trees are imperially swathed in sacred cloth, to tribute the resident spirits; fortune-fetching shrines embellish humble homes as well as colossal malls while Garland- decorated dashboards dissuade traffic accidents.

Thai cuisine articulates deep-seated elements of Thai culture with its fresh and lip smacking dishes. Made from local fresh ingredients like searing chilies, pungent lemongrass, and plump seafood its varied national menu depends on the four basic flavors: sweet, spicy, sour and salty. Tourists are mesmerized by the mouth watering dishes that reveal the simplicity of the apparently complicated preparation and mastering the market in an imperative endurance skill. Nothing can be compared than relishing a mouth watering dish on the beautiful beach where white sand meets sparkling sea.

So, what are you waiting for…pack your luggage and get ready to enjoy a lifetime experience!!

Thailand News

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